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Worried About WMD?

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A nuclear exchange would be a worldwide disaster.
Practically all nations with nuclear weapons have leaders
who know that and will work to avoid it—with one exception.

Jihadists love death and have said so. Their main
tactic against infidels IS suicide. The only reason
that a jihadist would not use a nuclear weapon is if
it were perceived as not being helpful to jihad.

But it’s very likely that islamic leaders will never directly
confront the rest of the world with a military force. They don’t
have to. They are growing in numbers and influence daily.
They have a foothold in every corner of the globe.

Their greatest obstacle is a belief contrary to their own,
but belief in the west is dying. Look at cathedrals in Europe,
which have become museums for artifacts of a dying culture.

In the United States we have, so far, failed to recognize who our
real enemy is. More than that, in the U. S., a
Christian is condemned more quickly than the member of
any other religious group. And not for murder or any other
illegal activity, but for just expressing a belief.

Multiculturalism and political correctness are the manure that
has caused a flourishing of islam in the west. Multiculturalism
and PC are not belief—they are the absence of belief.
That’s all that jihad needs. It won’t be sudden like a war,
but one day our descendants (anywhere in the world) will
be living with an islamic majority calling all the shots.

After attacking Pearl Harbor, Admiral Yamamoto was asked by
a fellow officer, “What have we achieved by the attack?”
The admiral answered, “I think we have only succeeded in waking
a sleeping giant and filling him with a terrible resolve.”

I can’t imagine any event that could fill our nation with resolve
today because resolve is predicated on belief.  On the other hand,
the islamic world has both.


Written by polemicscat

August 24, 2008 at 10:53 am

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