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How the U. S. Has Supported Jihad

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The long-term threat to western civilization is Jihad.  It has already been going on for decades. This post is about a few instances of the assault of  Muslims against non-Muslims.  Strangely, many influential leaders in the west have refused to believe that such a threat exists.  But several  authors have described what is at stake in this clash of cultures.  I have relied on the work of Serge Trifkovic.  Anyone who wants to know more about the dangers of Jihad  should read his books The Sword of the Prophet and Defeating Jihad.  Direct quotes below are from the Sword of the Prophet.

Because of a failure of leaders in the United States to understand Islamic jihad, on several occasions our country has actually aided the Muslims in their jihad against non-Muslims.  One notable example is the aid that the United States gave Indonesia in its invasion of East Timor after the disintegration of the Portuguese empire. Beginning in the 1970’s the United States supplied arms and, in other ways, encouraged the Indonesians to take East Timor although Indonesia had no rightful claim to that country. 

“At the same time Indonesian military forces linked to the carnage in East Timor were trained in the United States under a covert program sponsored by the Clinton Administration, which continued until 1998. . . . Through two and a half subsequent years of that campaign—leading to the death of about a third of the population— The New York Times ran only two brief stories about the ‘problem of East Timorese refugees.'”

In the motivation, patterns, and perceptions of the actors on the ground—-killers and victims alike—East Timor was an Islamic jihad against Christian infidels, identical in form and purpose to other tragedies caused by Islam’s insatiable appetite for other people’s lands, property, bodies, and souls. Dili’s bishop, Mgr. Coste Lopez, later stated: “The soldiers who landed started killing everyone they could find.  There were many dead bodies in the street.”  They [the soldiers] had been told that they were fighting a jihad, and whole villages—-for example Remexo and Aileu— were slaughtered.  In Dili, hundreds of Chinese were shot and thrown off the wharf into the sea.  In Maubara and Luiquica, the entire Chinese populations were wiped out.  Nineteen ships were moored in Dili harbor [by the Indonesians] to remove looted cars, radios, furniture, tractors, and whatever else could be ransacked.  Churches and the seminary were looted and their books burnt.

The Bosnian crisis started in 1990 after the post-communist election when political parties representing Serbs, Croats, and Muslims formed a coalition government.  The Muslim leader, Alija Izetbegovic, caused the breakup of that coalition by reneging on an agreement arranged by the European Union that provided for continued power-sharing in Sarajevo.   He declared a unilateral declaration of independence.  He was supported in this decision by the U.S. Ambassador in Belgrade, Warren Zimmerman.  Of course, the Clinton- led NATO forces also helped the Muslims in their fight against the Serbs.

Alija was the author of an “Islamic Declaration” (first published in 1974 and republished in 1990) which proclaimed, “there can be no peace or coexistence between the Islamic faith and non-Islamic societies and political institutions.”

The Declaration continues: The Islamic movement should and must start taking power as soon as it is morally and numerically strong enough not only to overthrow the existing non-Islamic power structure, but also to build a great Islamic federation spreading from Moroco to Indonesia, from tropical Africa to Central Asia.

Proof that Alija meant business arose a few years later when President Clinton was still in the White House.  A State Department report warned that the Muslim-controlled parts of Bosnia were a staging area and a safe haven for Islamic terrorism.  A later Israeli intelligence report said that “about 6,000 fighters in Bosnia and Herzegovna, Kosovo, Albania, and Macedonia are ready to do Bin Laden’s bidding”and that “a nucleus of Bin Laden followers in the Balkans could balloon into an army of about 40,000 men.”

Iran had already obtained a foothold of its own in Bosnia, when the Clinton Administration asked for—-and obtained—Teheran’s help in supplying the Muslim army with weapons.  This was done in violation of the arms embargo initially demanded by the U. S. and behind the back of its European allies.

Today, ten years later, politicians in the United States and the leaders of European countries are still in denial about Islamic doctrine which is, in reality, not just a religion. For example, mosques have been used as military headquarters since the time of Mohammad.  Muslims owe an unthinking obedience to the Koran: for them, it is heresy even to analyze a passage from the Koran.  Muslims themselves cannot recommend or make changes in the objectives of Islam without being guilty of  heresy and facing the death penalty.  In the United States the mainstream media are silent on the subject and are unwitting supporters of jihad by their multicultural and political correctness mumbo–jumbo which is replacing the Constitutional rights of Americans.


Written by polemicscat

September 29, 2008 at 6:42 pm

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  1. Thanks for the good work.

    Joe Six-Pack

    September 29, 2008 at 10:08 pm

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