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Jane Fonda is Blaming Palin for Tucson Shooting

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Fonda’s blaming Palin for the shooting in Arizona this week  is quite a stretch.   Far more convincing is the case that Jane Fonda herself is responsible for the deaths of many Americans.

In an article by Ted Sampley in the October-December 1996 Issue of the
U.S. Veteran Dispatch, we learn the extent of Jane Fonda’s guilt:  

The vets said “no apology will ever erase the pictures of Jane Fonda in giggly bliss, laughing and clapping her hands, as she mounted the gunner’s seat of a communist Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun.” Bui Tin, a former high ranking Vietnam Communist Party official and North Vietnamese Army colonel who served on the North Vietnamese Army general staff during the war, became disillusioned with communism after the war and went into exile in Paris and the United States. He testified in 1991 before the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs about his knowledge of U.S. prisoners of war.

Bui Tin said in a recent interview by Minnesota human rights activist Stephen Young, that Fonda’s highly published support of the North Vietnamese gave them “confidence” to continue to fight and “hold on in the face of the battlefield reverses.”

When Fonda appeared at a press conference in Hanoi wearing a red Vietnamese dress and declared she was “ashamed of American actions” in the war and that she would struggle along with the communists, “we were elated,” Bui Tin said.

He said the American antiwar movement was “essential” to the North Vietnamese strategy for victory. “I’d say a lot of American boys lost their lives because of the encouragement she gave the North Vietnamese,” said a former rifle platoon leader from Texas.


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