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How to understand Obama and his administration

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Many thinking people are bewildered by the actions of the Obama administration.

But once we are willing to face certain unpleasant realities, the surprise and confusion disappear.

1.  Obama does not like the United States, its history, or its traditions.  He does not identify with these things.  It may be because he is not really a citizen of the country in fact or just in spirit. His two “autobiographies” are filled with bitterness toward whites—even his own mother.  He does not identify with Christianity which was the religion of the founding fathers and the overwhelming majority of citizens since the colonial days.  But he does identify with Islam.  He did not observe the traditional Christian prayer day in Washington, but a few weeks later welcomed a Muslim prayer day.  He makes excuses for a Muslim in the US Army who murdered 13 other soldiers while he was yelling the jihadist slogan, “Allah is Great.”  As President bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia.   He attended the church of god-damn-america Wright.

2.  For the reasons in #1 , he is not concerned about tearing down American institutions.  He disrespects the Constitution; he is a sole mate of William Ayers who probably helped him write his “autobiographies”;  Ayers tried to cripple the United States back in the 1960’s and ran with left-wing revolutionaries of that time.  Obama insults American allies; he courts enemies of the United States like Chavez. He appoints scores of Czars who either hold his views or whom he  can use as his puppets, and in doing so he bypasses Congress. Destroying the country is not one of his worries, because a country in chaos is more likely to keep or turn to a tyrant.

3,  To continue doing  all of these things,  Obama only needs to maintain power.  To do that he talks the talk of a conventional liberal and in other ways tosses crumbs to those mindless partisans who want to believe that he is a legitimate leader of the United States; some members of Congress are more interested in  holding  power than honoring their oath of office. In order to hold power he ignores the Black Panther tactics at the polls and his attorney general dismisses charges against members who intimidated voters in Philadelphia in 2008.  To maintain power he curries the favor of homosexual at the expense of a unified national  armed forces.  He supports any  minority group which either supports or does not hinder his own agenda.  He wants open borders because that will give him additional potential voters with an obligation to him, not to the laws or Constitution of the United States.  He wants most of all a dependent electorate with their hands out to  Federal government; he does not want  independent persons who think and act for themselves.  Meanwhile, he has taken eight vacations at tax payers expense  in just two years of his regime.

Politicians have been unwilling to admit these truths to themselves, let alone to the public. And the main stream media, who always take the short term view of things, are still exulting for partisan reasons in Obama’s election.


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December 28, 2010 at 4:06 pm

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